Post Hurricane Sandy

There was a wide range of damaged during Hurricane Sandy and while things have been rebuilt and fixed, some places have not. Here are some places along the Sea Side Boardwalk that remain closed since Hurricane Sandy.

I am sorry for the photo quality, I did not have my DSLR with me.
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Strike what I said about the glasses. I just went to a 100¥ store and they had them. I bought 2 so I was glad to find them. It is a 100 yen store by Ueno station neer the hotel so all is good now. Tommorow we start Fuji O.o


Well another free day! When shopping and got 2 shirts and a shoulderbag! They really like to dress you up. Watched some J-dramas wich were pretty interesting and still cant get international calls working ><* SO bye! >

In Japan!

Finally made it! (At the hotel now). To start I was boosted to buisness class so I didnt really expearance a real flight. When I got to Japan I had to go to imagration wich was fun -.- . Then I had to take a skyway (Train) to meet Garneu. I didnt even reconize him! Now I am in the lobby trying to get this keyboard thing worked out. Might go out...not sure. Hotel worked out. Hotel is cool I will try to get photos but might not.. Anyway tryed callling home (which is hard). But I am here safe in Tokyo is I can get a call.


Free Image Hosting at きのうはメーガン(姉)の まやかし誕生日(姉の誕生日でだいがくいきました。)皆
Wildwoodいきたと、Sam's Pizzaでたべました。美味しいです。亜細亜マートに買
Yesterday was Meghan's sudo birthday (because she had school on her birthday),so everyone went down to wildwood and ate at Sam's Pizza. It was very good! We also went to the Aisa Mart to go shopping. My little and Older brother bought so snacks, as well as my sister. We also finished watching "The man who can't get married"!

雪国/Snow Country

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Really Cold!
Last night it began to snow! This morning there was a lot of snow (2cm had fallen. Not alot I know ^.^)so school was closed but I woke up early. For lunch I had Miso soup and Ramen. (Really good!) Watched some TV. Later I'm going to have a snow ball fight! Tonight it's suppose to snow more!

さしぶり!/Long Time

今日は、 一寸さむいでも冷たい。デスノートDVD来るほんとうみせる。ミドター
硫黄島からの手紙は、見せたいによ。Flags of our Father 見せないでもお金あ
りません。あああ!新しいカメラかいましただからさしんをとります。Back to
the Future 見せる!
Today,it's a little cold, but I am freezing! My Death Note DVD came! Midterms are over and they were hard but, the Japanese test wasn't a little hard. I want to see Letter of Iwojima. Didnt see Flags of our father but I have no money. Back to the Future is on!
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Happy New Year!!!
Today, I made a new layout, my brother helped with that. Looks cool! Read some blogs....
Thats all for now!


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きのうは、兄も姉と私ともだちに、モールとミツワマーケトプレスいきましたよ。(・∀・)ほんとたのしい!!紀伊國屋に、B'zの新しいCDを、かいましたよ!ミツワマーケトプレスで、おかしと、ラメンとかいました。若干ざっしよんだそのごろRed Robins に、たべた。ほんとおいしい!!!!!(★∀☆)。それからともだの家に、アニメをみせた。

Yesterday my brother,sister,me,and friends went to a mall and Mitsuwa! It was really fun. At Kinokuniya Bookstore I bought a new B'z album! At Mitsuwa I bought candy and Ramen and read a few magazines then we ate at Red Robins, it was really good!! Then we went back to my freinds house and watched Anime!
Thats about it ^^
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